Our Goals


IMG_3220_sm_sqHealthy Food for ALL

  • Create access to affordable, local, healthy and sustainable food sources for all Greenwich residents.
  • Help combat obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and diet-related issues in adults AND children.
  • Promote healthy living through gardening and garden education.


Growing Locally

  • Locate community gardens throughout Greenwich within reasonable walking, biking or driving distance.
  • Make it easy for individuals and families to grow healthy food and to help our local food pantry stock fresh, local produce.
  • Help to ensure that we know where our food comes from, that it is grown without chemicals and that it is not genetically modified.


Strengthening the Local Community

  • Create public/private partnerships – build diverse and collaborative relationships with community organizations, businesses and governmental entities.
  • Connect people with each other, reducing isolation and creating a stronger sense of place. (Growing, eating and sharing food brings communities together.)
  • Improve quality of life – health, well-being & happiness
  • Offer recreational, therapeutic and educational opportunities for people of all ages.
  • Provide a catalyst for neighborhood and community development.


Protecting the Environment

  • Support responsible stewardship of our environment to enhance bio-diversity, protect wildlife and encourage pollinators, and make good use of open & green spaces.
  • Protect the quality of our land, soil, air and water by eliminating the use
    of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilzers.
  • Prevent food waste and lower our carbon footprints – reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Support public policy that will confirm support for community gardens